Six months, 1 week

Okay, I’m still getting the hang of this – and trying to find the time to post hasn’t been going well – but I’m not giving up!! Nap times are getting shorter and the babies are still finding a balance between independence and wanting Mommy’s attention!! So… I’m doing my best!

The twins are quickly growing out of their clothes! They are now wearing mostly 9 month – 12 month sizes, but some 6 month sizes still fit – as well as some 18 month pcs, too! I bought a lot of summer dresses for Anna at a recent consignment sale, and I can’t wait for warmer weather so I can dress her up! Unfortunately, there wasn’t as big as a selection for Robbie, but I was able to get a few things. Luckily, I’ve gotten a lot more clothing from Angela, so Robbie isn’t missing out!!

The twins are eating like you wouldn’t believe! Robbie especially loves solid food! Tom has been supplementing the baby food we buy with homemade. We bought a large food mill and have also been utilizing our food processer to make bananas, applesauce, pears, sweet potatoes, peas, etc. Tom is still trying to determine whether or not it’s saving us any money, cause produce can be pricey, too! In the morning the twins will eat cereal with a fruit mixed in and another fruit on the side. For dinner they get two vegetables and one fruit. It doesn’t sound like a lot, especially when it’s shared between two babies, but it sure seems like a lot!!

I’ve been considering taking the twins to preschool storytime at the library, but I haven’t attempted yet. I should probably call first to make sure that ‘preschool’ includes infants. They might not want babies there, and I can’t really say I blame them – cause they can be loud! (Especially Anna who enjoys screaming when she’s happy OR upset!)

Now that Spring has arrived (or is in the process of ‘arriving’) I want to do more with the twins. It’s hard, cause they still can’t do much, but I’m so looking forward to taking them places and experiencing new things with them! For now, I’ll settle for walks around the fairgrounds or through town. I just can’t help wanting to take them to the zoo, or to the city, or to museums!!!

Here are some new pics below… I’m hoping that I’ll be able to post videos to this site, too. One thing at a time, though!!

You wanna mess with me?!?

Aren't I adorable?!?

Trouble on 4 Wheels!

Mini version of Tom!


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  1. Aunt LaLa

    hey! love te blog… what a great idea! i was, at one point, making homemade baby food for joshy, and i would make a whole bunch, and then freeze it into ice cube trays, pop out the cubes of food and store them in zip lock bags. it was really nice cause then i only had to take out what i needed for that meal. i miss you and the babies so much!!!

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