Memory Lane…

I’ve been looking at ‘old’ photos these last couple of days and it’s so hard to believe that the twins were once so small! They were so tiny and skinny! I guess it’s harder for me to notice their growth because I see them everyday, but looking at these photos reinforces just how much they’ve grown. It’s so bittersweet!

before his famous cheeks filled in!

before she fit into her hat!

Anna, 2 months old

Robbie, 2 months old


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One response to “Memory Lane…

  1. The Wehr Family


    We love that Anna and Robbie have their very own blog !

    What an excellent way to let everyone know and see how they are doing !

    We really enjoyed reading your postings and looking at all of the pics that you put up 🙂

    From where they started to where they are now, WOW ! they have really come so far !

    It’s truly amazing how fast time flies and how fast they are growing !

    Now that there is no threat of snow and ice, we are looking forward to *finally* meeting them and getting to spend some time with you 🙂

    Felicia, Jim, James, Julius and Jake

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